Of love and lovers

Cold air touched her bare skin. They were lying on the terrace, city lights twinkling. Open naked sky, just like them. She could feel goosebumps. She murmured softly, in a slumber. Let out a content sigh and traced her fingers on his arm. He slowly opened his eyes, looked at her and smiled. Stroked her hair and pulled her closer. Kissed her hair, slowly traced his lips along hers. Pressed his lips harder, wanting her more than anything else, in that moment for all he cared, he would give up the world to have her. He reached her jaw line and then let his hands wander. She let out a gasp and clutched him, wanting him to come closer. He was just not close enough.

She was burning, his love consumed her. She wanted him, in that moment she realised that it was just them, and she did not care what the future will bring. They lived in the moment, in one another. Love was becoming something tangible. The breaths came harder now. Broken only with pounding heartbeats and slow moans; the desire that drove them crazy left them insane; the feeling that nothing will be enough, that they’ll always want each other more.

It was reaching a crescendo, she was no longer stifling her moans, she no longer had any control, he possessed her, she wanted him to possess her, to love her like she will break any moment, to love her like she’ll be in pieces otherwise. To love her like an animal. Sweat glistened on his body, dropping on her naked form. She observed as if seeing from afar, having lost all semblance of reality. She screamed, it was almost too much to bear, right then she felt like she’ll dissolve into the nothingness of pain and pleasure. And then, it was over.

The world was still. She could suddenly listen to other sounds, as if the world just came into existence. She turned, the cold floor helped cool her feverish, burning skin. She had never been this happy. He looked at her, happy she was his. Only his. And in that moment the world belonged to them, and they belonged to the world.