Soul Lovers

My first collaborative poetry, written with Andy.
Andy’s blog:

My love for you shall remain
Etched in stone, a memory,
Of the many I knew and the few I loved.
You touched my heart and made it bleed.

Your heart was mine to hold,
To possess, to own,
You had mine already,
Safe with you. 
And when it bled you were there
You kept it in a special place

Your heart, you bid me,
We find it together when we wake,
In my memories of those you found.
It echoes in our thoughts, in our hearts

For moments pass but memories remain
And I was here watching it turn into my favorite memory
Of you and me, of me and you, of us

Times will change,
As the moon might wax and wane,
My love for you will not,
My love for you shall remain.

For love goes on,
It stays
You’re a part of my soul now
And souls don’t die
Because now, we’re soul lovers.

Love and Hate

Hate me, you can’t hate me enough. 
Love will break me, I’m not good enough. 
The naked truth, it’s in front of you.
You choose to ignore, it will haunt you. 

A thousand regrets, a broken heart. 
A love lost, a misplaced trust. 
Difficult to see, harder to hear.
Existence of life,  a death in itself? 

You still believe me, you still care?
You may love me then, but you hate yourself more. 

I’ll not make you, for I shall break you. 
I’ll teach you to hate, love you’ll unlearn. 
I’ll break my promises, I will break you.

So run away now, have I not warned you enough?

My Heart on Sale

So I was just sitting by
Wondering all the reasons why
What does one want with a heart?
And my heart, well, it was broken you see
And I didn’t want it anymore

So, I thought
Let’s put my heart on sale

So will you buy it, or are you a window shopper?
It’s not pretty enough to be displayed
But I’ve put a sign board
It’s price on request
The price, my pain

It comes with no guarantees, and there’s no return policy
And I’ve warned enough
It’s damaged enough
It’s broken

But I don’t want it
It serves me no purpose
Except to sometimes hurt me enough to keep me awake

I’ve tried getting a replacement
Maybe it can be repaired?
But I’ve had no luck
And I’ve given up

So my heart, I’ve put it on sale
Are you a buyer, or just a mocker
And let me tell you again
It’s good for nothing but the pain

But I don’t want it
It serves me no purpose
Except to sometimes hurt me enough to keep me awake

So here.
Buy it.
And do whatever with it.
You see, I don’t care enough.
Maybe you can keep it as a reminder
Or you can throw it away
It’s no good I know
But please take it away.

My heart, I’ve put it on sale.
I don’t want it anymore.
It serves me no purpose
Except to sometimes hurt me enough to keep me awake

So, will you buy it?

Mad Mad World


A mad world, a mad mad world
It’s somewhere, on the other-world
But it’s not all crazy, it’s not all bad.
Till the time it holds my heart, 
The place I call my home.

Twists and turns, in my head.
Zoom in and out, it’s such a mess.
I could have given up, I could have given in.

After all it’s a cruel world, a mad mad world.

But my heart, it was protected
By the love I had, the love I received
Protected by love, it goes on.
Redeemed by love.

This mad mad world;
Maybe, it’s not that bad at all.



The world, they called her insane.
In her head, they were all the same.

The life it goes by, no one stops by
To even say hi, maybe they were scared.
Well, it takes one to know them all.

Insanity knows the insane.
The jokes on them, the jokes on them.
Inside she’s laughing a mad laugh.
Let them talk.
She knows, who they are.

Incapable of knowing beyond.
Incapable, it’s beyond their grasp.

The world, they called her insane.
Well the jokes on them, it’s on them.

Up in the smoke

His life, it was a lie.
His world, up in the smoke, flames flying.
Walking through the streets, he couldn’t believe why.
He trusts in them, and always had.
Now it was as if loving was trying.

He should move on, he decided.
Let them be; so he could be, finally.
But many beginnings and many ends.
Which ones to choose, which ones to end?

Love, he decided, was as stupid as anything could be.
Give me hate, yes that should be.
Hate was good, hate he felt
He kicked the rock, he hated it, and hated the world with it.

But life was not done dealing with him.
Every day it was anew, who should he seek?
And then he saw, and then he remembered.
The friend he thought he had lost forever.

But she was there, with a broken smile, a warm smile.
The world against us, she’ll still stride beside.
But is the world built for two?
The questions plagued him all night and day.

If it were true then what will he say?
But short-sighted he was not, wasn’t in a haste.
She said to him, won’t you stay awhile?
I like to smile.

She promised him. A day to come, a year it shall be.
His time, their time.

The world, the one they’ll make-believe.

Tick Tock

Tick tock, tick tock.
The clock talks
to me, to me.

Pin drop silence, broken by my sighs.

In my mind, there’s a bright blue sky.
Calling to me, but I run to thee.Wet ground, soft ground.
Smells of summers, of sunshine.
Waiting for me, for me.Chirping away, taunting away
I know it wants me to stay,
I match the sounds,
My incoherent mutterings

An oddball, that’s what I am.
Leave me in my silence, in my musings.
Shoo, go away why are talking to me?

I resign, I surrender.
Talk to me now, keep your promise.
Are you still here, looking at me?
I want you to stay, so sit beside me.

Don’t shake your head.
Come let’s run away,
Will you, with me?

Tick tock, tick tock.
The clock talks
to me, to me.

Tread softly on the glass.

Tread softly on the glass;
I know, you don’t care much about the pain,
But the sight won’t last.

Now, now don’t look too sad,
You are not alone;
They choose to walk behind.
Fools, they don’t know how special you are?

Like a drop of pure bliss
You drop into my soul
And even when I think,
I think in not in one but in two.

You came in as I slept, lost.
Now, straighten your bones, align your heart
Take a small sigh, how lovely you are
Let the fear waste on you, it’s just a laugh
Tread softly on the glass.