For that sun

All were smiling, where is my right?
I am his child, I am everyone.
Sold the cross for that sun.

Every step taken, they climbed higher,
What if I chose the easier way?
Lost some; gained so much more.
Sold the cross: I crave that sun.

All were nothing else but obstacles,
Overstepping, a necessity.
Turned deaf: I just want to speak now.
Sold the cross: I need that sun.

I won’t justify my actions,
Those were just a few things I had to do.
The picture is bigger, it is better.
I made it happen,
I’ll take the credit, thank you.
So what if I sold the cross?
I deserve that sun.

All those, rightfully his
Tried to bring me back, full circle.
But they forgot, they taught me a trick or two.
I sold the cross: I got that sun.