Goodbye Little Girl

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It’s alright now, little girl
you can give up,
we’ll fight your fight
and we’ll win it for you.

Don’t struggle so hard,
we know how brave you are
we know the pain you endured
and nothing in vain
we promise you that.

It’s okay brave soul
go to a better place
the humanity is dead anyway
and we’ll join you in a while
hopefully carrying answers.

And it’s okay angel
You deserve a better place
where beasts and monsters don’t roam,
roam in human disguise.

You gave us a chance,
we see us in you,
we see you in us,
you gave us a chance
to hope for a change.

They called you the fearless one,
the brave soul they said,
but that hardly matters now,
it’s alright now dear sister, mother and daughter
after all, you’re one of us,
and now it’s not just you we fight for,
it is our fight.

And it’s okay angel
You deserve a better place
where beasts and monsters don’t roam,
roam in human disguise.

I hope a heaven for you,
I’ll dream one for you,
where you can finally rest in peace.

I wrote this as the news of her death started coming in, it is my tribute for the girl they called Damini, Amanat, Nirbhaya – The fearless one, the brave heart. For me she was also a  girl who left too soon, and unjustly so. And she deserves to not die in vain.

This poem got published in DNA Mumbai on 31st December’2012:

The fallen leaf

Maple leaves fallen on a lawn.

The seasons changed
And one day, the warmth of the sun fought with the chill of the earth
Everything faded into vividness of darkness and richness,
of yellows and reds

That’s when I fall on the ground,
of soft damp earth,
I await my fate.

Days go by,
smiling children play nearby,
lovers meet; lovers kiss
And till I see the sights,
I take a sigh of relief

I try to not think of the day,
the day those children and those lovers might take it away
They’ll playfully pass by and press me down on earth
and i’ll crinkle and tear like an old paper
having finally met my destiny.

I’m the fallen leaf,
I see the seasons change
And revel in the joy,
and weep for my fate.

The One

The times are wicked.
The hearts, poisoned.

And in this madness,
there is no one,
no one to call our own.

The tears have had their way,
travelling down the face,
soaking our skin,
leaving a burning trail.

Looking for someone,
they can be the one,
bringing meaning to words,
for you.

The times are wicked.
The hearts, poisoned.

So we must keep caution,
for trust is often given in vain.

And there is a way,
we all do take.
Close ourselves away,
from the world.
Save us the pain,
save us some trouble.

For, the times are wicked.
The hearts, poisoned.

It has never been easy,
living in this madness, for anyone.
But never did we have it so bad.

For now,
each one of us,
barely touch how we should,
to bare ourselves,
we have forgotten how to.

So we sit,
quietly in a corner,
awaiting our turns.

Hopeful big eyes,
sometimes cry,
and sometimes they smile.
Waiting their turn.

Is it worth it,
this game we play.
In the end does it matter,
how we played.

The times are wicked.
The hearts, poisoned.

Looking for our beloved,
we want them to come to us,
they wait for us.
This hide-and-seek.

We say we live freely,
but what we live in is fear.

Courage we must seek,
or the love we need hides itself well.

So, let in the poison,
embrace the wicked.

For in the thousand,
we find what we sought,
the one.

The one,
worth our time,
worth the hurt,
worth all the pain.

The times are wicked.
The hearts, poisoned.

Till the time,
until they come.

And in this madness,
there is no one,
no one to call our own.

Save them,
the ones we will call our own.

Of love and lovers

Cold air touched her bare skin. They were lying on the terrace, city lights twinkling. Open naked sky, just like them. She could feel goosebumps. She murmured softly, in a slumber. Let out a content sigh and traced her fingers on his arm. He slowly opened his eyes, looked at her and smiled. Stroked her hair and pulled her closer. Kissed her hair, slowly traced his lips along hers. Pressed his lips harder, wanting her more than anything else, in that moment for all he cared, he would give up the world to have her. He reached her jaw line and then let his hands wander. She let out a gasp and clutched him, wanting him to come closer. He was just not close enough.

She was burning, his love consumed her. She wanted him, in that moment she realised that it was just them, and she did not care what the future will bring. They lived in the moment, in one another. Love was becoming something tangible. The breaths came harder now. Broken only with pounding heartbeats and slow moans; the desire that drove them crazy left them insane; the feeling that nothing will be enough, that they’ll always want each other more.

It was reaching a crescendo, she was no longer stifling her moans, she no longer had any control, he possessed her, she wanted him to possess her, to love her like she will break any moment, to love her like she’ll be in pieces otherwise. To love her like an animal. Sweat glistened on his body, dropping on her naked form. She observed as if seeing from afar, having lost all semblance of reality. She screamed, it was almost too much to bear, right then she felt like she’ll dissolve into the nothingness of pain and pleasure. And then, it was over.

The world was still. She could suddenly listen to other sounds, as if the world just came into existence. She turned, the cold floor helped cool her feverish, burning skin. She had never been this happy. He looked at her, happy she was his. Only his. And in that moment the world belonged to them, and they belonged to the world. 

Happy Birthday to us!

It’s 24th of July again.

Oh look dear twin sister, we grew up another year, another year together, and we always will. It’s because we belong to that rare category, not one of a kind, but of being two of a kind. After all these years of being twins together, it still feels kinda special, doesn’t it?

It always will. We are in this for life. 
So, Happy Birthday Mansie.

From one birthday girl to another.
Remember, we put the win in twin.

Him and her

A collaborative poem, co-written with Abhinav.
Abhinav’s blog:

She sat huddled, it poured.
She could feel it touch her skin,
But it was her soul it scorched.
Washing away her sins,
She felt clean.

Miles away sitting by the roadside,
he saw a few kids dance,
A tear drop rolled down his eye,
the last tear drop of his first monsoon,
he too got up and joined the trance.

She saw him from the corner of her eyes,
he looked like hope, he looked like sunshine.
Dark skies, as if parted.
She looked, disbelief on her face.
She wanted to join him,
but she didn’t want to taint him too.
Let me suffer alone, she decided.
I’m the monster, she said.
She looked at her reflection in the puddle.

He looked up.
He saw her looking at him.
He gave a weak smile.
That’s when she noticed his tear.
He was broken, like her,
she felt savage pleasure,
now she could join him too.

Little did she know,
It was the last tear,
It was the last fear,
As she came near,
She felt her heartbeats quicken,
It was a sign of a new start,
She felt her lips quivering
The warmth of tears was fading away,
The coolness of raindrops was there to stay,
She wanted to dance,
In monsoon’s arms, she wanted to sway,
But she hesitated.

What was it?
Another fear, another bout of sadness
She felt it brewing inside her once again,
And then he looked at her,
Wincing at her pain,
This time he knew the remedy,
This time he was just waiting for his chance,
This time he was in trance,
This time it was his turn to dance,
This time it was a new start,
This time he was the master,
And she was going to be his most beautiful piece of art.


Soul Lovers

My first collaborative poetry, written with Andy.
Andy’s blog:

My love for you shall remain
Etched in stone, a memory,
Of the many I knew and the few I loved.
You touched my heart and made it bleed.

Your heart was mine to hold,
To possess, to own,
You had mine already,
Safe with you. 
And when it bled you were there
You kept it in a special place

Your heart, you bid me,
We find it together when we wake,
In my memories of those you found.
It echoes in our thoughts, in our hearts

For moments pass but memories remain
And I was here watching it turn into my favorite memory
Of you and me, of me and you, of us

Times will change,
As the moon might wax and wane,
My love for you will not,
My love for you shall remain.

For love goes on,
It stays
You’re a part of my soul now
And souls don’t die
Because now, we’re soul lovers.

Love and Hate

Hate me, you can’t hate me enough. 
Love will break me, I’m not good enough. 
The naked truth, it’s in front of you.
You choose to ignore, it will haunt you. 

A thousand regrets, a broken heart. 
A love lost, a misplaced trust. 
Difficult to see, harder to hear.
Existence of life,  a death in itself? 

You still believe me, you still care?
You may love me then, but you hate yourself more. 

I’ll not make you, for I shall break you. 
I’ll teach you to hate, love you’ll unlearn. 
I’ll break my promises, I will break you.

So run away now, have I not warned you enough?


So Vivek Tejuja, a. k. a @vivekisms on Twitter, does this thing where he gives us a theme to write on, anything which we fancy; only it has to be constrained within 55 words. We submit the entries and he then publishes it to his blog:

By the way, I am @AGirlOfHerWords; today’s topic was Map/Maps, and this what I submitted.

First, a poem:

Wind in her hair, softly caressing her skin.
The tingling warmth of the dark night, 
silence was the music she made.

She needed no one, she needed no maps.
She was born free, and now she was living it too.
Now, it was just her, and nowhere to reach.

Second, a story: 

She was lost. You could see her big eyes widening in despair. She wondered again how she lost her way, forever wondering, forever wandering. She was sure she had, finally, found her way, her way to his heart. Maps, she thought, they should make maps for hearts too. She carried on, she’ll keep looking.

P.S: Found out only one entry can be published, so my second one was.