Why write?

They asked me why do I write? I kept silent not because I didn’t have an answer but because I had too much to say. I write because I don’t know there is a life possible without it, I write because I don’t know how to live without writing. Because it seems like the most natural thing to do, like my hands were made to hold a pen and rest it on a page and scrawl words across it. Painting the page with ink and shapes. It brings out the best in me. And, it reminds me who I really am; just a girl who wants to write.

This great urge to write; it is both a curse and blessing at once. It’s like a prison with no lock. You’re free and bound at once. A paradox really.
I write because, for me, it’s not a part, but a way of life.
I write because I have to. Because the need is greater than almost everything else. And this need presides over my life.

20 thoughts on “Why write?

  1. Very nicely written…. the simplicity with which you said: i dont know if there is a life possible without it..is so very true….writing offers you an outlet which no loved one can….thanks for letting us read such nice stuff….regards

  2. Very few people have this kind of fire in their blood. A person with burning desire to sing will sing in bath room, or in train compartment or even at work place, totally unmindful of the others’ reactions. Similarly a sports person shall instinctively start playing his sport even in drawing room. May God keep this fire (for writing) in your blood always burning.
    Love and Best Wishes.

  3. An honest confession of one of the great blessings God has showered on you. The other blessings are, you are thoroughly honest, full of energy etc, etc… , and you use this energy to give love and respect to those known, and even unknown, to you. You are very prompt in responding to the comments (even the critical comments), in such a way that no one’s feelings are ever hurt. Rather one is always encouraged to keep writing comments and we usually wait for your next write up to write our
    comments on. Keep writing. You are in fact doing your followers a favour by writing, by encouraging them to to start expressing themselves. Again thanks for writing.

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