Write you a letter..



I’ll write you a letter I’ll never send
You’ll never know what is was meant to be
A love letter or all my goodbyes

A crisp white page would have your name
written on top with my favourite ink
And I’ll gently caress it, afraid to read aloud
Tracing the words, imagining your face

I’ll write you this letter that you’ll never see
Just like you went your way,
hardly sparing a careless glance

And I’ll finally write it
and put in a locked closet
where it’ll fade into nothingness
ink fading with everything I felt for you

I’ll write you a letter but you’ll never know
because I’ll realize, all this while it was for me
And as the ink flowed,
I could see how much I needed this

The letter, I’ll keep it with me.

37 thoughts on “Write you a letter..

  1. hi mahima,
    I liked it.beautifully executed…but still I guess it lacks a little clarity.im not a poet but I like poems especially keats…so all the best for a bright future…nisha

  2. Who writes a letter these days? The poem should have been like this:
    I draft an s.m.s. message,
    And with a heavy heart hold myself back.
    Hold myself back from pushing the ‘send’ button.
    So I push the ‘save’ button.
    And then I draft another message,
    This time I push the ‘delete’ button.
    And if you thought I am a confused person,
    No I am not.
    It is simply because I don’t have the courage.
    Courage to communicate to you my feelings.

  3. am speechless…sometimes the heart has so much to say, yet u dont want her to hear, for the fear of hurting her! something i experience every moment. thanks for this Mahima. And do take care of urself. so much u said in so little words….

  4. PS.
    The world you weave with your words should be like one,that any person who enters in it, enjoys staying in that world of woven web of words of yours, and not not feel that uncomfortable that every moment one feels like tearing it apart and coming out of it.
    I hope you will not mind my hard words.
    Love and Best Wishes and Regards.
    Vinod Sood

    • Truly though it’s a writer’s prerogative to write as they wish. With great difficult words or as simple as a nursery rhyme. To make the intent clear or to force the reader to delve deeper.

      I do get your point, no two readers or writers are alike. Hope you understand.
      My best.

      • Your reply is absolutely clear. And it can not have different shades of understandings in any number of readers. It makes the reader understand your point precisely. It has added to my vision of looking at a piece of writing. But still……………

  5. To be honest, the more I read, more confused I am, whether I should blame it to my lack of ability to understand this one, or your lack of seriousness in putting some extra efforts to make it understandable to a person not willing to put in some extra efforts to understand.
    I have formed an opinion about your capabilities of handling words to express your thoughts in a bit precise manner. And I am still inclined to cling to my this opinion about you.
    I hope next time you will surpass your own set standards.
    Love and Regards., And also Best Wishes.
    Vinod Sood

  6. It’s wonderfully flowing and so well woven. Wavering between sad and yet proud. It’s essentially beautiful Mahima. I didn’t know you write on love so well :-)

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