Home is where someone protects your heart. Where you can wear your heart on the sleeve. Where you laugh louder. Where sadness doesn’t mean fear. Where you have the freedom to enjoy the pain, to cry. Where a hug is never far away. Where you learn what love means, better than any dictionary can teach you. Where you have your own space but no need of hiding.

Home is not a place.
It is a feeling.
Of being free.

10 thoughts on “Home

  1. ‘HOME’, This is the piece I chanced to read on my first touch with your writing. I was so much spell bound by your enchanting style of expression, that I am inclined to read this piece every time I land on your home page. In the beginning I doubted if it was an original writing. But with your ‘Why write’ I am convinced about your mastery over the English language, immaculate diction, intensity of feelings and emotions.Your style is simple and direct and your words are designed to touch senses and sensibilities. You certainly will one day create some stir in literary circles. Keep writing. This fire in you gives others the warmth to start expressing themselves by trying to comment on your write ups

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