Goodbye Little Girl

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It’s alright now, little girl
you can give up,
we’ll fight your fight
and we’ll win it for you.

Don’t struggle so hard,
we know how brave you are
we know the pain you endured
and nothing in vain
we promise you that.

It’s okay brave soul
go to a better place
the humanity is dead anyway
and we’ll join you in a while
hopefully carrying answers.

And it’s okay angel
You deserve a better place
where beasts and monsters don’t roam,
roam in human disguise.

You gave us a chance,
we see us in you,
we see you in us,
you gave us a chance
to hope for a change.

They called you the fearless one,
the brave soul they said,
but that hardly matters now,
it’s alright now dear sister, mother and daughter
after all, you’re one of us,
and now it’s not just you we fight for,
it is our fight.

And it’s okay angel
You deserve a better place
where beasts and monsters don’t roam,
roam in human disguise.

I hope a heaven for you,
I’ll dream one for you,
where you can finally rest in peace.

I wrote this as the news of her death started coming in, it is my tribute for the girl they called Damini, Amanat, Nirbhaya – The fearless one, the brave heart. For me she was also a  girl who left too soon, and unjustly so. And she deserves to not die in vain.

This poem got published in DNA Mumbai on 31st December’2012:

19 thoughts on “Goodbye Little Girl

  1. Awaam iss dukhad maut ke baad jaag raha hai. Bhrasht aur dogley apni karni ka phal bhogengey aur insaaf hoga.
    Tumhari aatma ko shanti mile BraveHeart!
    Aur bahut khoob likha Mahima. :)

    • Ignorance is not always bliss, sometimes it is absolute moronic. And you proved it. Refrain from making stupid comments before knowing. I make ZERO money from my blog. This is placed by wordpress/google to earn revenues for themselves.

      It’s a heartfelt poem, i mean every single word I wrote and people like you, ignorant, make me upset.

      • Ohh sorry my bad. I don’t know how anger took control over me and compelled me to make such idiotic comment here being ignorant but trust me my intention wasn’t to upset you.Actually you know what many a people out there making money, doing cheap politics by trading her death .. these are something really made me upset and here on your blog someway my rage went far beyond my control and manifested itself.

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