Him and her

A collaborative poem, co-written with Abhinav.
Abhinav’s blog: http://about.me/Abhinavchandel

She sat huddled, it poured.
She could feel it touch her skin,
But it was her soul it scorched.
Washing away her sins,
She felt clean.

Miles away sitting by the roadside,
he saw a few kids dance,
A tear drop rolled down his eye,
the last tear drop of his first monsoon,
he too got up and joined the trance.

She saw him from the corner of her eyes,
he looked like hope, he looked like sunshine.
Dark skies, as if parted.
She looked, disbelief on her face.
She wanted to join him,
but she didn’t want to taint him too.
Let me suffer alone, she decided.
I’m the monster, she said.
She looked at her reflection in the puddle.

He looked up.
He saw her looking at him.
He gave a weak smile.
That’s when she noticed his tear.
He was broken, like her,
she felt savage pleasure,
now she could join him too.

Little did she know,
It was the last tear,
It was the last fear,
As she came near,
She felt her heartbeats quicken,
It was a sign of a new start,
She felt her lips quivering
The warmth of tears was fading away,
The coolness of raindrops was there to stay,
She wanted to dance,
In monsoon’s arms, she wanted to sway,
But she hesitated.

What was it?
Another fear, another bout of sadness
She felt it brewing inside her once again,
And then he looked at her,
Wincing at her pain,
This time he knew the remedy,
This time he was just waiting for his chance,
This time he was in trance,
This time it was his turn to dance,
This time it was a new start,
This time he was the master,
And she was going to be his most beautiful piece of art.


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