Soul Lovers

My first collaborative poetry, written with Andy.
Andy’s blog:

My love for you shall remain
Etched in stone, a memory,
Of the many I knew and the few I loved.
You touched my heart and made it bleed.

Your heart was mine to hold,
To possess, to own,
You had mine already,
Safe with you. 
And when it bled you were there
You kept it in a special place

Your heart, you bid me,
We find it together when we wake,
In my memories of those you found.
It echoes in our thoughts, in our hearts

For moments pass but memories remain
And I was here watching it turn into my favorite memory
Of you and me, of me and you, of us

Times will change,
As the moon might wax and wane,
My love for you will not,
My love for you shall remain.

For love goes on,
It stays
You’re a part of my soul now
And souls don’t die
Because now, we’re soul lovers.

13 thoughts on “Soul Lovers

  1. And sincere apologies for missing on this one! Thankyou Mahima for making me read this.(and you know this isnt buttering ’cause I hardly take the pains of commenting) couldnt resist this time. Just so beautifully written. How I wish, I could do free verse like you guys! Great job there, Andy!

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