So Vivek Tejuja, a. k. a @vivekisms on Twitter, does this thing where he gives us a theme to write on, anything which we fancy; only it has to be constrained within 55 words. We submit the entries and he then publishes it to his blog:

By the way, I am @AGirlOfHerWords; today’s topic was Map/Maps, and this what I submitted.

First, a poem:

Wind in her hair, softly caressing her skin.
The tingling warmth of the dark night, 
silence was the music she made.

She needed no one, she needed no maps.
She was born free, and now she was living it too.
Now, it was just her, and nowhere to reach.

Second, a story: 

She was lost. You could see her big eyes widening in despair. She wondered again how she lost her way, forever wondering, forever wandering. She was sure she had, finally, found her way, her way to his heart. Maps, she thought, they should make maps for hearts too. She carried on, she’ll keep looking.

P.S: Found out only one entry can be published, so my second one was.

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