Up in the smoke

His life, it was a lie.
His world, up in the smoke, flames flying.
Walking through the streets, he couldn’t believe why.
He trusts in them, and always had.
Now it was as if loving was trying.

He should move on, he decided.
Let them be; so he could be, finally.
But many beginnings and many ends.
Which ones to choose, which ones to end?

Love, he decided, was as stupid as anything could be.
Give me hate, yes that should be.
Hate was good, hate he felt
He kicked the rock, he hated it, and hated the world with it.

But life was not done dealing with him.
Every day it was anew, who should he seek?
And then he saw, and then he remembered.
The friend he thought he had lost forever.

But she was there, with a broken smile, a warm smile.
The world against us, she’ll still stride beside.
But is the world built for two?
The questions plagued him all night and day.

If it were true then what will he say?
But short-sighted he was not, wasn’t in a haste.
She said to him, won’t you stay awhile?
I like to smile.

She promised him. A day to come, a year it shall be.
His time, their time.

The world, the one they’ll make-believe.


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