You tell me you love me and you make me feel-so-lucky,
You hold me so tightly and I know I am lonely no more.
You kiss me ever so gently and I know I belong,
You hold my hand in yours and I know where to go.
You look at me that way and you make me blush so hard,
And when you smile at me I smile through my tears.

You make me laugh so hard,
You make me so mad but you never let it last.
You make me cry sometimes but you always make me forget why,
You make me so happy I can fill the dark night with stars,
You make me feel a million things,
And you make me feel so real.

You make me carry on,
Your patience lets me be me,
And don’t I love you for that?
You never let me fall.

With you I walk free,
With you I fly so high everything else seems so small.
And for you I will die a thousand deaths,
For you I will break free,
For you I will be strong always,
For you I will change the past, the present and the future.

I will always find you reasons to smile,
And I will always bring you meaning,
I will mend your broken paths
And be a bridge for those I can’t
because you know what?
I love you.
For now, and till my heart beats.


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